Why the hell is the Internet so fucking slow????!!!!!!

What, I don't touch the computer for two days and the Internet cables all snapped or something?! DX.

Uhm, so, yeah. Hello world. Saturday's comp was teh sh!tz. Lol. I wasn't at all happy with what I managed to spew out. I know now that 3 hours is far too short for me to come up with anything remotely satisfying. So, yeah. Live with it. But what with the short short short time and the fact that I had next to absolutely zero inspiration, I was one of the shortlisted out of the 32 they picked out that day. If I get shorlisted to win one of the prizes TOA will give me a tinkle tomorrow or Wednesday. If not, well, I still get a seat to a one-day art workshop sometime in December. Whee.

Gah, bloody Internet's lagging to much for me to do anything. Going off to go study and shit. Bleh. Farewell, everybody.