Spherical Profoundness, Majestical Parade

Hello again :D.

Went on a mini-downloading spree earlier this month. A buncha singles came out on the 5th of August (Alice Nine- Hana, Girugamesh- Border, and Deluhi- Two Hurt). Not sure what so special about the date, but it seems too much of a coincidence that all these Jrockers throw their singles into the market all together. Perhaps it's competition to get the highest spot in the Oricon charts or something. Whatever.

And so we have here Nightmare's latest album, Majestical Parade! I love the album title, as well as the cover art. The songs inside are just as nice. I actually like this album a lot better than their previous album, Killer Show. The latter had slightly under-beat-ish songs that had nice electric guitars, but then it goes flop at the chorus. But in Majestical Parade, the songs are more consistent in their rocky-ness, with the strong Nightmare signature style throughout. The first track, entitled Parade, instantly catches your attention with the military-parade drumbeats, followed by the electric guitars imitating the beats. The rest of the tracks don't quite follow the whole parade facade, but they have very nice melodies. I particularly like Nothing you lose, Cynical Re:actor, and Simple Life, the latter being a lighter, slower track with a very interesting rhythm.

Next up, we have MUCC! Pronounced as muccu, due to the fact that the band was named after some cartoon character (and that 69 can be pronounced muku in Japanese). I downloaded their latest album Kyuutai just for the heck of it. And I must say they are really quite nice. I honestly think that their style is very Girugamesh, but the vocalist has a much lower voice. And he screams less. In this album, that is. I don't know how much he's screamed in the past. Haha. So, yes. It takes quite a while to get used to their songs, because they have unordinary melodies. But they're okay once you get used to them. Haha. I like Houkou, Ageha and Oz. If you're a Jrock fan that enjoys slightly out of the ordinary songs with the typical Jrock-rockyness, MUCC should go well with you. And it might interest you that one of their songs, FUZZ, appeared in the movie Cloverfield. Wow whee.

The other singles I downloaded were pretty awesome!! I'm abosultely in love with Alice Nine's Hana single. All three tracks are really wonderful. Quite unique if compared to their previous singles, I think they were experimenting with new styles. Whatever it was, they certainly made a hit with me. Hana is a dance-rock song you can shake your booty to (XD), and so is High and Low, with a very techno-dance-ish beat reinforced with the super-awesomeness of Hiroto and Tora's guitars and Saga's sexy bass. But I think out of the three tracks of the single, SLEEPWALKER has got to be my absolute favourite. It's goddamn fantastic XD. I just love the electric guitar. And the video clip's pretty hot as well, though it did feature Shou in a fedora a bit too much (then again vocalists ALWAYS get centre stage, right?). Tora-chan looked hot as usual =D. He seriously stands out from the rest because of his black can't-touch-this aura. Whooo~~ XD. Saga was wearing shades and black gloves and at one point I expected him to start licking his bass. He didn't, unfortunately. Oh well. Girugamesh's Border single is Girugamesh being Girugamesh XD. They have their super-rock-turntable style going full swing, which is never a bad thing. I like the way Satoshi's voice holds the melody of the song, yet has a growl-ish undertone to it, almost as if he were prepared to start screaming at any moment (which most of the time is usually the case). Deluhi's single is a remake to a previous track, if I'm not wrong. They're a fairly new band, but they already have a very interesting array of catchy Jrock tunes. I really like Hybrid Truth, Freedom and Two Hurt from their previously released singles.

Oh, I also downloaded Gackt's new single. The Next Decade. The electric guitar's awesome. But I didn't really like the song overall. Releasing four singles one after another within a week of one another must've exhausted his creative urges. Oh well.

That shall conclude my happy music-related rants and rambles. Tune in for next post, everyone.