Putting The Internet To Good Use

Hm, in this season of feverish last-minute studying for trials, I wonder if any of you actually try studying- with some interesting twist.

No, seriously, have you guys actually tried searching textbook topics out on Wikipedia? It's a pretty fun way to read otherwise extremely dry subjects, and an excuse to sit in front of the computer. And if you really read the articles, you'll actually come by plenty of useful information. Sometimes the change of atmosphere/material will give your brain a much needed recharge. I do this quite a lot, especially for yawn-inducing subjects like History and Economy, and also for some spiffy Science topics I want to know more about.

It's also pretty handy for the English-driven individuals that find the subjects in BM life threatening. Reading the English articles on Wiki can help you out a lot. It works for me, anyway. And I should think it'll help out the Chinese/Tamil-speaking/reading individuals as well, if the articles come in those languages. You can scroll down the language list on the left-hand side of the page to see if the article comes in a language your most comfortable with. And, for the sake of sakes, you could try clicking on Bahasa Melayu and see the uncanny resemblance the article has to the textbooks XD.

So try typing in Kerajaan Bani Umaiyah or Mesopotamia, or, heck, even Sistem Ekonomi Perancangan Pusat into the Wiki search engine and go read the articles that pop out. Some way or another they'll be bound to help you boost up your exam marks.

Though, of course, close every other window/tab you have on (e.g: Facebook/Gaia/other irrelevant time-wasting space on the Internet) and make sure you give full concentration.

And here's hoping this article has made studying just a twee bit more fun to all the suffering students out there~

*by the way, Kerajaan Bani Umaiyah might just come out as Umayyad Caliphate in English. Yeah, I tried that one out. Lol.