No wai DX

Taken at Twinny's parteh.
My boobs look as if they're sagging =_=.

Of all times to fall stupidly sick, why now?! T___T

Flu, fever and a funny throat- all I need now is breathing difficulties and aching joints to be a certified H1n1-er.

*touches wood*

Anyway, life has been uneventful, because nothing really happens when you're sick except for swallowing pills and sleeping and feeling shitteh, so yeah. Not sure what is the purpose of this blog post. Probably just to remind you of my pitiful existence.

Oh, did anyone read the Star paper yesterday? Yesterday as in the 25th. There was a write-up about the Creative Media Award and you could actually see my absolutely shitteh drawing. Second from right, row closest to the camera. It's already shitteh by itself; they just HAD to make it shittier by putting it in between two completely awesome drawings. Bleh. TOA called up yesterday to say I didn't get anything, so, yeah. I don't mind. At least I got consoled XD XD XD. To go for that day workshop is great enough, though I think the date clashes with SPM or something. Oh well. That's in the pretty -far- future so we'll leave it at that. Haha.

Argh. Sleep is what I need. SLEEP! Goodnight everyone.