Ladies and gentlemen,


YAAAY!!! 8D 8D 8D

I honestly thought I wouldn't make it. Haha. When I saw Yeok Ho today and she asked if I made it to the finals and I hadn't received any notices, I figured I didn't make it. So I was like, okay, forget it. It doesn't matter, so long I actually gave it a shot.

Then I went to sleep in the afternoon (so this berwawasan thing actually does work!!! XD XD XD) and my sister found the envelope in the mailbox and put it beside my pillow for when I woke up. And when I did, I peered at the envelope and thought "huh? What the heck is this?". And then it dawned on me. The shocking truth. I actually made it in.

Thanks mum, for believing that I could make it even when I doubted myself =D.

However, I'm kinda whacked out over the idea of going for a drawing competition, because the only one I've ever been to would be at GACC's, and what with my future at stake, the pressure's on.

That and the fact that the SPM trials' four days after. Good lord.

And I don't do too well in competition environments. Not when there're 1001 other more fantastic artists to go up against. But what the heck. I'll just give it my best shot. Even if I didn't make it, well. No biggie. I've got backup plans to still get the funds to go to college. Like sell the seme to Vietnam where she'll be worth quite a bit. LOL.

To everybodeh out there, pray that I don't screw up big time and dissappoint myself and all my family and friends. Pray that I don't have to end up selling the seme to get munnehs for my tertiary education. Haha.

Okies, dinner time. Yay! Food~~~ *drools happily*