Gaze up at the Red Crescent~

Today was the BSMM Annual General Meeting =D.

It was entertaining enough. Committee members, old and new along with some helpful normal members helped out beforehand to arrange chairs and set up mic (a couple of Form 2s promptly began to spout random gibberish into the mic and giggled away, resulting in me removing the mic from the wire and putting it into my pocket). Brought camera (illegally- ohohohoho~~~) and took a couple of pics. The rest were taken by Tian Hua while I emceed.

Happy viewing :).

Form 2s helping out to arrange chairs aka candid shot of Xiang.

Rachel Soo going 'BWAHAHAHAHAHA 8D 8D 8D'

Clarice (maniacal Form 2) and Yeow (...is that how you spell it? O_o;;)

Clarice and I

Soon-to-be-president-Sharon and me holding the wire-less mic XD

Hall filling up with members

Pn. Noraini, Clarice and I (she didn't know we were behind her)

Pn. Noraini with her speech

Bao Bao with her speech (that I helped write lol)

Bianca with her extremely informal report on the BSMM activities for the year 2009

Bao and Yeow announcing the new committee members

Sharon walking up to receive her award ("I'd like to thank God, my family, friends, and for everyone who voted for me!!! Thank you thank you thank you!! *muaks muaks* 8D 8D 8D".
She didn't really say that. Lol. )

The new committee~

New and old being happy and silly

Old committee being happy and silly (I have so many ears on my head =_=)

Yeow and I

Clarice (another maniacal Form 2) and I

....Oh crap I forgot to upload the pics of the prizewinners. Oh well. It's not as if they were the real winners anyway XD.
And so comes the end of another year for BSMM SMKIJC. It was fun working and playing with all of you people ^^. New committees- good luck and have fun in the year 2010! May you continue to bring fame and fortune (no seriously- don't make BSMM rugi at the next Hari Q jualan dangit ><) to BSMM! Also, I hope that all of you will work well with each other. Acceptance, tolerance, and cooperation in the key to making all the (hopefully) crazy activities a success! =D.

Okay, with that done and over with, I can now move on to the next item on my personal agenda. Next post, folks.