The tropical fishies are out to get me, I swear DX.

Grabbed my art project back today. Have to correct a couple of (rather large) mistakes, and I'm still cracking my head and killing off whatever's left of me brain cells trying to come up with a way to fix it. Gah.

So, this post is simply to tell all the wonderful readers of the blog that I -might- not be updating as regularly as I did in the previous month (seeing as this is Joanne we're talking about, you should've been prepared for extreme irregularities =P). Reason being I'll be super busy trying to study for trials and doing a whole lot of other stuff, and also I'm trying to hold off going online close to everyday (daily Internet-addicts, perhaps you should do the same and start studying. You know who you are.) So...yeah. You'll see me once in a while. Hopefully. Oh come on, it's not as if reading my blog's so entertaining. It only seems to entertain myself. Haha. Go look for something else more important to do while waiting for me to get over this phase of my boring, monotonous life.

Okies, off I go for now. Hope to see you all soon~~~!!! <3