Hello friends and family!

Yeah, I'm pretty much alive and kicking. First week of trials' over! It was pretty alright, I must say. I know I could've probably done a lot better if I studied harder, but unfortunately what's done's done so I can't do much about it except to focus on the next paper (Accounts! Accounts! *dies*) and propel ahead.

Didn't quite do that today though, cause I went to Jusco XD. It's the first time in two weeks since I'd last left my house. Most of the time I was too busy 'berwawasan'-ing XD. I played the DDR in Jusco! They have a new machine so I tried it out. It was pretty spiffy, but the second round my sister chose a crazy-fast track in the first dance and I phailed. Haha. I shall try it again. Soon. Muahaha.

Anyways, this post is simply to put up some long-awaited (and probably forgotten) Gakuen Convention pics! Yeah, I found the pics mouldering in my dad's Olympus. I'd totally forgotten that I'd taken that camera along that day. Haha. There aren't many piccies cause I was too busy running round doing gawd-noes-what, but...yeah. Enjoy it anyways~

So here we have one of the many Victorian-princessy
people that were bobbing round that day...

Serene and Amanda in their spiffy Oriental get-up

Butler Wen Yu, Viccy Princess Rosalyn and Jap-girl Amanda

At one point she started running in that gown...
it was pretty scary. Lol.

Me looking absolutely retarded in cat ears and tail.

Me and cat-ear-tail maker, Kay Ai!

Group photo~

Assassin/ninja/sexy girl in black, Shevonne, with her (I think it is)
white Power Rangers katana thing.

Why is it that most of the pictures of Rachel I have are just
her looking plain retarded??!! XD

Mieko-chan as Kaito

Kay Li as gawd-noes-who (sorry man, you gotta enlighten me again DX)

The Raveena busily sketching during the drawing competition. Unfortunately...

...inspiration wasn't on her side.

Hm, so, yes. That's about all I managed to come up with.

So, what have I been doing if I haven't been wasting my life away in front of the computer like *some* people, eh? Uhm, well...haha. Nothing particularly interesting. Studying is for one. Messing around with anything and everything I can get my hands on is another. In the span of 4 days I've already made myself 6 ACEOs for the sake of using my brand new Prismacolors. I got them from the art shop near The One Academy when I was there. They didn't have a few of the colors I'd wanted, but at least I managed to get a couple of the Deco colours. The shades are love. Haha. I've also been wasting my time honing my photography $k!lLz for the sake of it. Not really. I just wanted to get the sharp focus on the object and leaving everything else blurred out. With some words of enlightenment from my self-taught-pro dad and a photography magazine he bought me a couple of weeks back, I found out that it was the aperture that played a big role in achieving that effect. Dad's spiffy Canon digital couldn't seem to switch to manual mode (or maybe we just couldn't work it), but the Olympus did the job quite well. Did a few practice shots and I'm quite happy with what turned out =D.

Copics. Naturally the first thing I'd point a camera to.

Took the camera out into the garden for the heck of
it. This one's taken at the pond (waterfall in the background)


That's all for now everybody. Tune in to the next post for more completely random rants and rambles.