First set of 25 ACEOs, #2-#26

...Miss Pang's gonna eat my brains if I phail Friday's paper (though that's not very possible as commerce is probably one of my stronger subjects lol)

Anyway, hello everybody! Watermark done after a fiddle here and a muddle there in Photoshop. It was pretty simple after a few helpful tips from a couple of online tutorials I found. Haha. So, yeah, I've decided to hang all the doubt and just put up my happy set of 25 ACEOs up for the world to see and admire XD XD XD.

I'm sure plenty of you are going about wondering "What the hell is this ACEO shit?". Well, it ain't shit. Lol. It all started off as ATC, the acronym for Artist Trading Cards. Like baseball cards (or them Digimon/Pokemon cards that kids love flinging into other people's faces and screaming "I CHOOSE YOU PIKACHUUU" and expecting the real yellow puffball to poke its head outta the card...I'm digressing. Haha.), ATCs were created by artists, then traded and collected. When non-artists came to know about this, they were interested to begin their own collection of ATCs, but haven't their own cards to start with. So a couple of artists got round to making ACEOs (short for Art Cards, Editions, and Originals) to be sold to the non-artists. Yeap. It's a really fun way to explore your creative imagination and at the same time, collect inspirational cards from other artists and make new friends.

Each card measures 2.5"x3.5". That's about all the rules there is to this. The medium, material of card, anything else is entirely up to the artist. I've seen cards made out of glass, wood, and felt to name a few out of the ordinary materials, besides the popular paper/cardstock ones. The difference between ATCs and ACEOs is that ATCs are meant to be traded, whereelse ACEOs are meant to be sold.

So...about my very own set of ACEOs! Haha. I made the first five back in January, then busied myself with all sorts of other shit and forgot all about it. Then, during trials, inspiration came to me and I started making cards close-to-daily, sometimes 2 or 3 cards a day during study breaks XD. It's a fun and addictive process once you get into it, seriously. I wanted to make 25 to display on an empty canvas I had, but I have yet to stick them on with blutack. Haha.

Most of my ACEOs are made with markers as the primary medium, but there are also a lot of collage involved, like #17, #19, #21, #23-#27. Used my secret stash of pretty wrapping paper for most, as well as other random materials like gel pens, paper flowers, lace, ribbons, plastic gems and spangles. Oh, oh, and let's not forget #24!!! I used glass paper for the background. I remember playing with lots of that colourful translucent paper when I was a kid XD. I don't really see many people using it anymore...it's like...the forgotten paper. Lol. Whatever it is, you can achieve some pretty vivid effects with it, and I'm glad I had the chance to be re-acquainted with it =3.

I do intend to sell these off, but that'll be somewhere in the future (probably after the gawd-forsaken SPaM), when I've made a PayPal account or something. And got to grips with shipping prices. And further develop my artistic $k!lLz. So, for now, you may look at them pretty cards and smile at 'em XD.

Oh, and now for a brief update on today's Art paper. Haha. It was pretty enjoyable, I must say. I'm glad to announce that I managed to complete my artwork within the given 3 hours =D =D =D. I had to paint a seaside scene with kids making a sandcastle, giving attention to the children and the design of the sandcastle. For starters, the sandcastle could most definitely not be made by children (unless they were Japanese kid-inventors...or something XD), but it's pretty okay, I suppose. I painted most of it with happy old watercolours, then minor details I used my magical **COPICs**. It's probably...80% watercolours 20% Copics? Yeah, around there. Heck, they said 'media bebas' so I should not have marks deducted from it. I should only have marks deducted from shitty drawing/neatness (probably)/ dll. But I had fun, so yeah. Lol. Theory was okay as well. Finished it in...15 minutes? Round there. The questions were pretty straightforward- and thank Akito-sama what I actually bothered to read came out. I did tembak a couple of questions that I seriously had no idea about. Haha. Yeah XD. Overall...uhm, I don't know about getting A1, because now that I think about it my drawing was quite simple, so maybe...a B? XD. Let's just wait and see, yeah? X)

That's all for now. Peace out =D