I'm alive and kicking =D.

Just want to post up pretty piccies so that my blog will not be so boring and so that the world can take a little peek into the life of Joanne =D.

Right, so we shall begin with the ginger beer I made:

Doesn't look too bad does it? I think it's pretty! Only the taste-part is just...haha. You get the picture.

Last week Shane (sister's bf) came over for dinner. Everyone in the family came up with some dish. My parents made chicken and salad, I made the happy ol' bangers and mash cause my sister wanted to try it, and my sister helped me cook the onions for the onion gravy, then made some cheesy garlic bread.
Shane just helped eat. Good enough for all of us XD.

My plate: (L to R); Baked beans, mash, salad, bangers and gravy and a buffalo wing =D

Them cheesy garlic bread. Yum~

And now we shall fast forward to Blueworm's operation! Haha. Uhm, it was done outside in the garden...because....just because XD. Nah, just didn't want the cotton stuffing to go fhwee-ing round the house, cause I'll be the sorry fool that will have to clean it all up in the end =_=.

That's me sewing up the heart after stuffing it. Wrapped in red is Blueworm (anaesthised- or at least, we pretended he was. Oh the joys of imagination XD)

The heart~

Then yesterday night my sister was in a frenzy to complete her assignments for college. I wanted to help her, and so she entrusted me to draw her diagrams for her. Damn. Haha. It was more complicated than I realised. I kept peering at the diagrams and going "holy shit why is this connected to that?!". In the end I gave up drawing the nodes and left it to my sister to suffer with. Haha.

L to R: Mouth/tongue, bladder and lung.

I did better than I thought I would, though. Tho I missed out a couple of lines that were apparently important. Haha. Oh well.

That's about it for now. Off I go...to do...stuff. Haha. Farewell everybody~