Hello again everybodeh ^^

Routine life can be pretty boring sometimes. It suppresses your imagination, paring it to the barest minimum.

Anyways, no paper tomorrow (GOOD LUCK TO YOU PHYSIC-PAPER-TAKERS!!! 8D) but I'll be having Art on Wednesday. The questions are as suppressing as routine life, if not worse. I mean, everything is dictated to you, even the number of buckets you're suppose to put into your drawing. It's somewhat irritating. Though I believe that, in a good way, it forces you to use your imagination and twist it however way you want. To those who'd like to twist it that is. To those who find that they work best with a very specific question, then joy. They're being dictated to, even to the last detail of how many buckets you're suppose to put into the drawing.

On the bright side, they very well said that the medium is free, so, yeah. COPICS TO THE RESCUEEE~~~ 8D 8D 8D. No doubt I'd be using watercolours for the larger areas (no way can I afford to use Copics on large areas now anyway- I'm so stinking poor I can't see myself being able to purchase much needed refills anytime soon XP), I'll probably be using my beloved Copics for smaller areas and detail work. I'll definitely have to ask the teachers beforehand, but I doubt they'd mind much. So long that watercolours take up probably 80% and that the finished outcome doesn't look shitteh. And to be frank I can't quite care about what everyone else wants to think or say. If Copics can help me achieve the desired effect and make my completed artwork a success, hell, I'm willing to take any risk, small or insanely huge =D.

So...what else have I to say? Raya holidays are coming!!! If it wasn't for the fact that most of my friends will be balik-kampung-ing, I'd have happily hopped from one house to the other. Unfortunately the truth prevents me from doing so, therefore I shall content myself by perhaps considering to set up a PayPal account of sorts and begin sales on my ACEOs. The first 25 of them, that is. I'm really really really happy with every one of the ACEO, because...why, exactly? XD. I'm not sure, but it's just that I've really got the chance to go absolutely crazy with them and experimenting with all sorts of different materials. There's still plenty of ways to try out to come up with different effects, and I think I'll be happily amusing myself with this during the holidays. Haha.

Hm, I think that's about all there is to ramble about for now. I'll attempt to upload the completed ACEOs onto my dA account by this weekend. Farewell everybody! ^^