October's coming faster than I thought possbile @.@.

Good news everyone! Apparently Miss Pang won't have the chance to eat my brains because FRIDAY'S A HOLIDAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!

I'm actually really pissed off. I wanted to finish the whole dang thing and then enjoy what little bit of holiday I had. Now I have to moulder away at home hunched over my commerce books T.T

I went to Jusco again today =D. Bought...uhm...ribbons...and...wrapping paper. The latter for my stock account in dA as well as for my personal use. It was really pretty!!! DX. I get attracted to pwetty things more often than I care to be. Haha. It's a great shame that most of the pretty things are really really expensive (or just expensive to someone who is damn-well-near-broke like I am D=). But sometimes, if you know how and where to look, you can find some really inexpensive pretty thingies =3. But anyways, this whole loadda stuff's boring the crap outta the dear (probably nonexistent) readers so yeah. What the heck. Haha.

I had cold soba for lunch today! Yum yum. Nah, don't worry, I'm not gonna attempt to make my own buckwheat noodles (XD XD XD), though I am pretty tempted to try making Peach Melba...or Turkish Delight. Oh lols. Unfortunately the former requires fresh peaches and raspberries that Malaysia is sure as hell never stocked up on, and the latter I have no idea how to make. Haha.

Speaking of which, I totally forgot to ramble on about the ginger beer I attempted to make!!! Haha. Well, for starters, it was a complete waste of money because of all the work involved. And that the price of the different ingredients just add up to a ridiculous amount when you can get yourself an honest can of ginger beer for RM1.20 in Jusco =_=. But it was a fun experience, so yeah. Taste-wise, however. Lol. Have any of you actually tried ginger beer? It's a really enjoyable drink. Fizzy and peachy-coloured, with a faint, prickly sensation down your throat. For my home-made ginger beer, haha. I got the fizzy and peachy-coloured part right, but the liquid literally BURNED the throat XD XD XD. Too much ginger, I suppose. It tastes alright, really. Just the aftertaste/sensation when the heat of the ginger very appropriately heated your throat to unbelievable proportions. I'm quite surprised nothing unfortunate happened to me. But one thing's for sure, my ginger beer did NOT agree with my mother XD XD XD.

Nothing else to say now. I'll update some other time! Goodbye for now~~