Commercial break over

...Apparently it was rather a long commercial break, because the stupid laptop died on me. A few times. So I gave up and am now using my sister's laptop.

So...yeah. Raya holidays in progress- and I've been spending most of my waking hours happily playing DMC4 on my sister's aforementioned laptop. I'm scaring myself. Haha. I watched G Force yesterday...oh, I was simply fated to not be in my house yesterday XD. Woke up really early to go to MP/DP with sister, then went back after movie for a brief half-hour/45 mins to bathe and then go for Maths tuition, came back from that, leapt into a Punjabi suit, then zipped off to my sister's friend's house for a wedding. Her sister was getting married, not the friend. Haha.

Today...I was late for Lit class. Lol. Don't get me wrong, I was genuinely pissed off at myself and the world when I realised that class was at 10.30 and not 11.30. Yeah, yeah, I have the memory of a goldfish, remember? Go to hell. Haha. I made it anyway, so, yeah. Go me.

I was suppose to be emo-ish and rant my head off, but blogging about doa just made me give it up. Oh forget the emoness already. Think positive, right? Though sometimes I can get a twee bit overly frustrated over certain things and certain someones, but I'll shut up and leave you all to dwindle in the darkness XD.

Oh, and my baby bolster Blueworm finally went through his operation today! He's nice and plump now. Not sure how long that'll last, but there's still plenty of cotton left over for another operation. Haha. With that, I shall leave you all now. Farewell~