Art-related Ramble~

Thought I forgot all about him, dincha? 8D

Some random thoughts led me to wonder about the entire philosophy she-whizz-bang-thing about art.

Just what the hell is art?

Indeed, art is in everything and anything one can think of. In maths, science, nature, politics, cognition, history, just about everything is artistic to a certain extent.

Visual arts make up simply a fraction of all these wondrous things that make up the world we know and live in.

So what makes a good artwork, well, good? Colours? Perspective? The Golden Ratio (which, if you simply must know is equivalent to 1.618)? It's so subjective that really, when it comes to judging a piece of artwork, beauty really does lie in the eyes of the beholder.

But, no matter how organic and abstract art is, I honestly think that there are still rules to the game that one should know of. The rules I mean are not the concrete laws of sorts, but really skills and things that an artist should master before and artist can be called an artist.

Not fancy degrees or lengthy courses (though of course that helps to further develop your $k!lLz), but rather simple little things that an artist should master, either through coaching, observation, or just bucketloads of practice. Things like colour-coordination and combination, perspective, light and shadow, anatomy, followed by mastering the different mediums- watercolours, oils, colour pencils, pastels, markers. By mastering all of these, or the ones that relate to you most, you as an artist will be able to do the most important thing, probably the reason for your imaginative creation- to express yourself, your personal ideas, inspirations, thoughts and feelings.

Think about it, as a kid, your mind is filled with all sorts of imaginative ideas and thoughts. You'd like to express them through an outlet, but without the skill, the idea you have in your head is unable to appear just as you want it to in reality. It can be frustrating, even if you do have the skills, when at times your hand just won't connect with the idea, and poof.

So, no matter what people say, I believe that it is a neccessity to master all the different skills in order to really release the pent-up idea from within.

And, most importantly, you've got to know the rules before you can break them. That's the whole difference between a complete amatuer and a professional. It's no excuse to draw stick-men (no offense meant- stick-men should be worshipped as they are inevitably the basic foundation of all things artistic) and call it art simply because you have not one atom of idea about anatomy. I know plenty out there would disagree with me on this, but like I said. Art is subjective. And this is what I think. Don't hide behind your weaknesses and give use this whole 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' as a pathetic excuse.

So, yeah. My view on the subject. Deal with it.