Due to the fact that I was/am not in school today, I had plenty of time to upload my ACEOs into the computer. I spent the morning happily scanning as if I'd never scanned before XD. Just completed editing them and trying to get them to look as close to the original as possible, and now I'm stuck for whether I should upload them now or later. For one thing I haven't a watermark on any of them, so that's rather difficult. I can throw one on easy but I'm too lazy to do it now =P. So..yeah. Maybe I'll go ahead and do them later, so you can maybe expect another post later.

Seeing as I'm not going to post up my ACEOs just yet, I'll do a happy happy album review!

I'm an indestructible master of war~

I watched the music video of the song Indestructible on Hitz.tv, and wow, was I impressed. For once I actually came across an American rock band that actually came somewhere close to d'espairsray/Girugamesh/similar JRock bands. Disturbed's awesome!!! 8D. I love David's voice. He can't scream too much (due to some throat surgery I believe), but he can certainly belt out very interesting tunes. The songs are really catchy, with very abstract, surreal lyrics. Though I personally found it rather difficult to decipher much of what David was singing before I read the lyrics, I think that overall the album's great. I love songs like Indestructible, Divide, Enough, Inside The Fire, and The Night Without. The song Inside the Fire is particularly interesting, the lyrics as well as the tune. David wrote it from his previous experience of a suicide of a girlfriend, if I'm not wrong. The lyrics paint out the scene of hell pretty well, I must say. Think in terms of Dante's Inferno and you'll get what I mean. General rock fans, this should be an excellent album for you =D.

For lunch today I came up trumps with another platter of bangers and mash XD. It was pretty swell, if I must say! Not quite as good as the first time (I always do better at first-shots than the subsequent tries. Not sure why. Beginner's luck I suppose =P) but it was entirely edible and it still tasted great. My eyes absolutely stung when I had sliced the onions. Damn, it smarted like hell. Anyone that walked in on me at that moment would've thought that Gackt just died and that I was sobbing in grief. LOL. *Touches wood*. The mash was still incredibly yummeh; nice and soft and buttery smooth. Delish. I saved half of it (I only used two teeny potatoes, but they sure made a lot of mash =_=;;;) for tomorrow. Perhaps I shall bring it to school and get fat-ter. Haha. Waiting for my parents to come back from their mini-grocery shopping at Jusco. They're suppose to get me ginger because I want to try making ginger beer XD XD XD. Is there anything else I could possibly not want to do? XD. I watched it on The Naked Chef a couple of days ago and being the huuuge ginger beer fan that I am, it really tempted me to try it out for myself. It looked simple enough. Hopefully I'll remember how to do it. Maybe I should go Google the recipe just to make sure I don't screw up. Hahaha.

Hmm...so I might not want to put up my ACEOs just yet, but I suppose I'll settle for a little sneaky peek:

On display: #1, #2, #8, #21, #22, #24, and #26 =D

Have a great day everyone =D.