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Hello hello.

Weekday blues. Haha. I've been getting my trials' results back. Uhm, I'd be lying if I said that I've got flampastically squeaky awesome results, so I'll just shut up XD. I want Pn. N back. I don't care if she's on maternity leave or if the aliens have abducted her, I want her back. NAO. My effing BM paper was pure effing hell DX. Up to the point that I barely knew what I did wrong. Apparently all that I thought I knew was a buncha lies so...yeah.

Haha, I'm crapping the hell outta myself.

Oh, and right at this very point of my miserably grim prospect-void life, I'd be willing to sell my soul to anyone or anything who/that is capable of presenting me a computer that is lag-free and won't go 'POOF' every now and then. Goddamnit BOTH the computer and laptop are pissing me off big time now ><.

Uhm, nothing much else to say for now. I wrote effing pants for English, tomorrow is the day where I shall see if non-emo-corny-love-shtuff will reap me as much marks as emo-corny-love-shtuff that I managed to spew out in the past did. Haha. May the week be great for all of us~