Though I may be a super super SUPAAAA big fan of heavy rock and the God that is Gackt (XD), I am also a just as big fan of doa.

Weird, I know. But then that's just me XD.

doa used to be a Jrock band, back in the times when they sang Aoi Kajitsu and Eiyuu for Ultraman Nexus and Shiro No Jumon for Saiyuki Reload. The latter being where and when I first heard of the trio. Nowadays they're more really happy-pop-country, and man do I love them XD. Their latest album, Frontier, came out in August, but I only downloaded it a couple of days ago. Goddamn, it's probably doa at their poppiest and most country, but all (yes, all) of the tracks in the album are AWESOME! =D. I don't know why their songs so appeal to me, but they do. I just love them. I especially loooooveeee Akihito Tokunaga's voice (he plays the bass as well =3). You can hear him singing most of the time- which is rather odd because he ain't the main vocalist (the main vocals, Daiki Yoshimoto, just happens to be a race-car driver as well. The world is indeed odd). But seriously speaking, his voice is just, whooooo~~ *melts* XD. It isn't all low and dangerously sexy like Gackt-sama's, but there's just this speshal something about his voice that gets me on high XD XD XD. Anyway, Frontier's an awesome album to get if you're looking for some really light songs to chill out to. It's mostly guitars and awesome vocals with just as awesome melodies. Uhm....hahaha. No seriously. It's so awesome I'm at a loss on describing the awesomeness of the album. All I'm saying is: GO LISTEN TO IT!!!! =D =D =D. I think all the songs are my favourites for now. Haha. So, yeap. Go right ahead and make yourself a fan of doa. Whee!

My rants and rambles shall move along to the next post. After the commercial break, people! =D