Sitting back, watching. All this people all round. They come, stay, laugh a bit, then move on with their lives. They go on achieving all sorts, building their futures brick by brick, doing things, making a difference for their own lives. They join things, win things, go all awesome, and they continue moving forward. Constantly, determinedly. Though the determination tend to dwindle away now and then, they have supportive members from all angles of their lives giving them the cheering and clapping, the 'you-can-do-it's and 'good luck's. They have amazingly hectic social lives, meeting up and chatting, hanging out, all the things that make life somewhat less of a stinkpot and more like a bed of roses. Sure, they do get into various scrapes here and there. Perhaps a fight here, a battle there, but nontheless they come out of each skirmish a bolder, braver individual, with just that one more bit of experience under their belt, with just one more piece to fit into the puzzle of their own lives. Connected, unconnected, soon-to-be connected. All awaiting them, and it's only a matter of time before it becomes one amazingly huge, well-coloured picture, ready to be framed up and hung up on the walls among other just as stupendous works of art.

And here I am sitting in my own bubble doing absolutely nothing to achieve anything in my own life.

Man, that was emo =D.