I'm back. For the time being =D.

Going to KL for the weekend. I've been frequenting KL so much these past few months honestly I'm starting to get the heebie-jeebies thinking about the journey there and back @@. I think I'll end up disliking KL as much as Port Dickson soon. Haha. Damn Port Dickson. I can still vividly remember the toilet of Guoman Resort (which I never stayed in) with it's canvas print that you see straight after you open the toilet door. It's a print of a cloudy sky, with water droplet stains at the bottom where countless useless toilet-visitors wash their hands- and having nothing else better to do- shake the water off them. Haha. If I went there any longer I'd have counted the droplets on said canvas. Lol. Moving on, the reason for the weekend trip this time is to attend some relative's wedding. Dress code= Traditional. I'm going in a cheongsam. Yeah. Shocking isn't it? I can actually fit into one =D. It's disturbing how I counted up the number of dresses I owned and it came up to...*counts* 6. Or 7. And I wear them....only when the need arises. Hahaha. Man, what a retard.

Anyways, I'll be happily off gallivanting around the capital city on Sat and Sun knowing all too well that I'll be having PD 2 on Monday. How amazingly wonderful.

Oh shit. Speaking of which I am suppose to call Sha-chan for the timetable. Oh, the joys of being absolutely useless.

Happy Mooncake Festival everyone (it's tomorrow by the way)!! May you be able to spend the day with all your loved ones- I know I won't be. Except with my parents, of course. Haha.