Ever reminded yourself to stay sane?


Goddamn, three-odd weeks more the SPaM!!! Holy cows!!! I think it's pretty safe to say that I'm sure as hell not ready to face the music D=. The end of the world is rapidly approaching, I can just feel it.

Dammit, German Shepherd puppies are supersonically adorable XD XD XD. I never realised that they were so fluffy and their ears are turned down when they're a couple of weeks old. Haha.

It's October. Two more months to the end of 2009. Gosh, looking back on the year, I just realised how much more shit I have had to go through. Then again, I'm sure all of you did as well. And I'm sure we all had just as much of good times. Or at least, I hope we all did. Fun and laughter shared with loved ones- friends, family, classmates, relatives, whatnot. Ah. The sweet joys of life. Makes the less-equipped slightly envious.

Then again, I remember the previous Octobers were preludes to the cooler months of the end year. Hah. Right now it's almost as if the sun has gotten over its solar minimum and is burning as if it'd never burnt before. Dang. The sun can be pretty pitiless to the low-spirited. Haha.

Loneliness should be more fun than it sounds.

Nothing much to rant about for now. Byebye for now~