An odd thought.

Dante and Nero look good together ;D

I haven't actually liked pixels so much since Gaia XD XD XD.

....My last buncha-animated-pixel crush was....Iori Yagami? @@ Good lord, I honestly can't remember at all which anime/cartoon character I really went nuts over. All that comes to mind is Gackt, Gackt, and.......tkcaG. Gackt. Yeah. Haha.

But anyways I'm getting pretty hyped over Dante and Nero now so Gackt should fear the dumps a bit now ;D.

Nero's just hawt for his aloof, can't-touch-this aura...hm. Doesn't that just ring a Gackt bell?! XD. But he ain't the strong, silent type. He's kinda like the smart-talk wiseass that can definitely beat the hell outta you if he wants to. But under all that he's just a little bit of a considerate softie. Proof from him leaving a present in Kyrie's seat then pretending he'd no idea where it came from XD. Oh wait. He's taken. Oh dang. Haha.

I prefer Dante's look in DMC3 though. Maybe it's because he's younger in DMC3 than in DMC4 (for those who don't know, the DMC series is not in chronological order). Though the rugged, older him in the latest installation still looks hawt, I like his floppy hair in the 3rd one XD. And besides, he shows a lot more skin then. Haha.

And then there's them looking really good together...okay, I should stop right there XD. I'll leave the rest to your happy imaginations.

This post is really quite pointless, therefore it should be avoided if you'd rather not waste your time =D.