Scratch that about the previous post being my might be last post for a while.

Devil May Cry Devil's Material Collection book!!! Right about now I'm wishing I never spent that much Ks on Copics and saved the lot (but that is pretty superficial- I know deep down I'd never trade my markers for anything, and besides they help me get cash along the way XD). But seeing as my markers aren't going to go poof and turn back into shiny bank notes, I shall just have to contemplate on ways to earn RM120 so as to be able to get my hands on this book- without the help of the imaginary Devil Bringer of course =D.

Oh, and Devil May Cry 4 is out in a 2- volume manga!!! Woohooooo~~~~<3

And now I shall leave.

Christmas is coming *hinthint* XD XD XD XD