Shall Never Surrender


I should be studying. Hahaha.

After SPaM, I shall grab hold of a (most probably cetak rompak version *coughcough*) copy of Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition with my imaginary, nonexistent Devil Bringer. Lol.

Life is pretty depressing if you happen to be going through Pre-MS. Haha. But I guess I'll live. Nagging doubt and broken feelings tend to catch up with the best of us at times like these. Anyhow what's on my mind now is studying and not phailing like I'd never phailed before. That and happy graphics and the battle song of DMC4. If my sister brings her laptop back this weekend I think I'll die. Haha. Resist temptaion Joanne! For you have but a weeks left to get your ass up and studying to not phail. Muahahaha.

This might- or might not- be the last post for quite a long while, so just in case I do not show my squashy nose round here, I shall take this golden opportunity to wish all devotees a Happy Deepavali! May the lights be bright and sparkly and meaningful (and probably burn a few schools here and there while they're lighted) =D. Farewell for now!