Today shall go down in history.

Today, for the first time in the whole of my 16+ years of living, I finally got onto a town bus- and made it to my final destination alive! =D =D =D.

Biggie thanks to Bao Bao and Soo for making sure I made it there in one piece XD.

Further explanation: It's not as if I've never been in a bus; I've been on buses for school field trips, CAT (Central Area Transit) buses in Perth, buses in Hong Kong, buses in Singapore, but never a town bus in Malaysia. And never ever by myself. Never. Not until... today. Haha.

I actually got into a Panorama, went to Melaka Sentral, then hopped into a town bus that took me to Jusco where my dad came to take me back the last quarter of the journey home. It was really really fun XD. Yeah, yeah, probably a couple of you reading will roll your eyes and think me a complete jakun, but, hey. I think these kinda experiences as memorable events worth remembering. It's all these little things that make life fun. So get that stick outta your behind and live it up a little, eh? 8D.

That's all for now =D <3.