Starry Nights

Starry starry night~

Jimmy Liao is THE BOMB. No, really. He's one of the best artists I've ever come across. Got my hands on his latest book, The Starry Starry Night. From sources off the Net and my dad's pretty good translating sK!llz, I gather the story's about a young girl whose parents do not pay much attention to as they are too busy earning money. As a result, her parents hardly talk to her and only shower her with materialistic things. She met this boy in school, who's a loner and most of the other boys made fun of him. I think he likes drawing/painting, judging by the sketchbook he appears to be holding most of the time (God, I'm screwing up on tenses, aren't I? DX). He also seems to have quite a fascination to whales and dolphins. Anyway, a buncha boys were beating him up in a back alley one day and the girl intervened...somehow. Both of them got badly hurt, but they became friends through that incident, I think. After that they left the town and travelled to the countryside where the girl's grandparents lived. I think. I'm not sure about this part. But when they got back the girl fell sick and lapsed into a drowsy almost comatose state. During that time she dreamt of a whale swimming out towards the wide open sea. When she woke up and school reopened, she realised that the boy was gone. She went to his house and his grandmother told her that the boy's father's boat/ship was not in the port, hence assuming that father and son were gone for good. Grandma insisted that the girl went to the boy's room to have a look at it, so she did. And in the boy's room, was, well, nothing. But the walls were covered ceiling to floor with pictures of whales and dolphins. And right in the middle was a picture of the girl herself. Anyway, she never saw the boy again. Yeah. The end. I thought the story was really sad (I actually thought that the boy died, judging by the pictures and stuff. I guess my morbid mind just likes interpreting things differently XD), most of Jimmy Liao's books are. But that is what makes his books so fantastic. The illustrations are so colorful and vivid, yet when you look closer you realise that it's actually not so happy after all. Ah. The joys of artistry. Haha.

I'll blog about my trip to Krabi and the school anime convention later. Right now my lust for blogging has been satisfied. Lol.

I still love Gackt-sama by the way <3 br="br">