How hard is it

To trust someone you really love?

Go on. Tell me.

School school school. Have been getting my mid year results back. I did fairly better than the previous two tests, regardless of the fact that I studied even less than the two previous tests put together. And here I thought I wasn't a communist. Oh well. 5 As. No failures. Woot. And I managed to get full marks for English essay. Teacher, you're far too generous. My ego doesn't deserve so much praise. The time for crapping my heart and soul out always comes during exams. I spurn out the shittiest shit possible and waste precious examination paper. Trees, I have failed you. Forgive me.

Art project looming before me. Deadline: next week. Estimated date of completion: Probably never. It's either a) I become totally kickass at painting with watercolors by the end of this or b) I destroy every little tropical fishy, including them leafy sea dragons and corals.

I finally got a haircut. It's flampastically (it's a new word. Live with it or go to hell) short and pretty gheytto (another new word. Make your pick). Haha. I like it. It's very versatile (and very very appropriate for the weather down here in this hellhole). The wind can blow and countless of people can walk past and ruffle it, but it'll always return to it's original look. And even if it doesn't, I'll still look hawt. In an obscene gheytto way. Lol. Self praise is better than everyone else praising the heck outta me, so yeah. Gackt's influence reigns supreme. Though I'd have to blame my sister for this. She made me show Gackt's picture to my hairdresser. It's not my fault she agreed. And it's not my fault I end up looking like an akward cute bobbalaboo.

Bobbalaboo. Hah.

Ah, Trust. What do you know about it? What does everyone know about it? Heck, what do I know about it? I know nuts about shit. All I know is that if you love someone, you'd trust them. Even if you're going to end up being hurt. Because love is blind and knows no boundaries and is probably the one mistake on the face of the Earth that makes the least sense and yet everyone seems to be doing it. Over and over again.

I wish to God for a puppy. A German Shepherd puppy. Real hope my wish comes true.