Emo emo emo

Haha, don't worry, this ain't an emo post 8D

Lots of things are going to be happening on the 4th of July. It's Gackt's birthday, there's going to be a BSMM camp in school, my neighbour's daughter's getting married, and the first ever rabbit show will be held in Mid Valley Megamall.

Rabbit show. Yes. I didn't think it was possible, not until I saw the huuuge banner in Times bookstore in Pavillion. My sister was standing right smack in front of it but...I don't know. She didn't notice it. At all. Not until I turned her into the right direction and made her read the words. She was so happy I think she died and went to bunny heaven then came back. She was silent for a long while with a stupid grin on her face so I must be right XD. My sister's a bunny fanatic, full stop.

This post is pointless. I don't quite know why I'm shitting here in the first place XD. I think I'll just run away and do something else more worthwhile. Like watchin Astro on Demand and waiting to see the hawt bad guy XD XD XD. He doesn't smoke! As in, in the drama. I'm not sure about real life. You usually see all those bad guys/mafia ringleaders/ah longs chain-smoking, but Wu Sam doesn't. He smokes Chupa Chups instead. Man, it just gets better and better, doesn't it? XD And Gackt stopped smoking as well. Whee! Go Gackt-sama! I knew you could do it! =D

Going away now. Return to your boring everyday lives now.