Flowers and Whales

A long long time ago, I drew a whale floating through a field of flowers... subconsciously I repeated this theme when I was doodle-painting today. I was thinking about a Jacqueline Wilson book I'd read, The Longest Whale Song. It's about a mother who falls into a coma after giving birth to her son, and her daughter struggles to get along with her stepdad. Of course, I've no experience whatsoever in the step-parent department (neither the comatose mother's, either), but I can relate to that feeling of helplessness and sorrow when your whole life turns upside down, when the woman you thought was superwoman suddenly shows you just how human she really is.

Anyway, it's been a long while since that day, and I dedicate this wee doodle to my dear mother, and to all mothers out there! Some of us may not have them close, but we will have them always in our hearts, and hopefully a bit of them will show through us, and in our children (if any). Happy Mother's Day momma! May you live long and healthy for many more mother's days to come!