Today's the day to...

"Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment" 

Happy Wesak Day everybody! I don't think it's too far from the truth to wish Buddha a Happy Birthday, seeing as Wesak is a commemoration of His birth, enlightenment, and death. However one wishes to call the day, let us all take a moment or two to reflect and make a prayer for inner peace and a calm mind for all our undertakings :).

In last year's Wesak post, I made a somewhat crude comment that Lord Buddha is somewhat akin to a lovingly naggy mother (here it is again, sorry Buddha), but I still think the relation stands true. And on this day again, I am reminded of things that hold most importance to me. Heaven knows we all need reminders now and again. What is important is that we take heed of these reminders, and not push them away and think 'I'll do something about it later'. 

I received one such reminder the other day (not from Buddha though, but maybe divine intervention helped a bit), and as hard as the feelings came to me, I am glad for it. I am glad I could feel the stab of guilt, knowing that I am not doing much to propel myself forward to work for my future. Because with that feeling of utter uselessness I am motivated to work harder and not take things -too- easily. I was reminded that it's not all just fun and games, at this point of life it's also about pushing oneself; taking and making opportunities to go ahead from the rest, and not just go with the flow. I hope I can continue to hold on to these feelings of mine, as they are the very reason why I am determined to move forward.

Self motivation is a lot easier than it sounds, and though a lot of us think ourselves as 'self-motivators', there are times in our lives when we lose our drive. That's when you need someone or something to come along and smack you across the face and say 'hey, hey, wake up. Don't forget about working for your dreams.'

I hope this post can help some of you that are feeling a bit down and unmotivated, the way I was! Don't feel lazy, don't procrastinate. Make something happen- today! TGIF everybody! :)