Sprouting Experimentational Awesomeness XD

Today, my rocket science in the kitchen continued with a new element in the spotlight=> Brussel Sprouts.

Before this the only thing I actually knew about these little green thingies is how detested they are by little children in TV shows and cartoons. Buying them for the first time, I can't help but notice how they resemble weeny cabbages (sho cute XD) and because I like cabbages I don't believe I felt much antagonism at first glance.

Was suppose to cook/eat them with Esmond (I actually BOUGHT them for him =P) but due to unforseen circumstances I had to experiment and test solo this time.

Anyways, I did some magic Googling and found a suitable recipe here for me skillet and ingredients, and that got to preparing and cooking. The first thing that caught my attention when the sprouts were browning in the pan was the smell. Wow. It was a deliciously nutty aroma, not what I was expecting at all. Tastewise...hm. They're really like bite-sized lettuces. A little bit bitter but I thought that actually made it taste more interesting. And it was filling O_O. That or I was still full from me yummeh lunch of salmon+lettuce/cherry tomato salad+potato. Yesh, envy me and my gawdawesomeness while I envy you pulling on your size 0 jeans =D. Anyway I saved half of them sprouty goodness for tomorrow's sausage lunch, woohoo.

Was suppose to be going on major rant mode about me assignments but I don't think I want to, simply because I really don't see a need to XD. Am actually enjoying them somewhat. Now that the boring ones are out of the way (oh wait, History of Art exam July 5th FTW XD) I can swim along and poke and fiddle round =D.

The semester's ending though. Two more weeks. Then...then...awesomeness shall go to the next level. Haha. No, that wasn't how the sentence was suppose to end. Twas suppose to be awfully emo but I shall not be awfully emo at this very moment. After all, Buddha says that we should not regret the past nor worry about the future, but to live in the present and be the best of yourself in the present moment and I don't see why we shouldn't agree with the man.

Weekend again. I shall attempt to complete all me assignments and not get bored. Who'd think that the day would come for me to dislike weekends and look forward to Mondays, eh? XD. Guess changes come along in all ways and forms, haha. Part of life, change is. Just gotta accept, adapt, and chill~

Ramble done for now. I should start thinking about another story soon. I've left my other blog dead for a twee bit too long. Until then, stay cool =D.