This is not a toy

There are those times in life when we do really odd things for the hell of it. Like randomly Googling an item and uncovering an entire cult. Or stumbling upon some novelty shop in some seemingly faraway place, then getting directions to it and roping a travel buddy in to embark on an adventure into the unknown. Or actually making it to some faraway novelty shop and then spending a mini fortune on novelty items.

Or, all of them at the same time.


Yeah, so, uhm. Haha. Just another one of my random splurges I suppose? XD. I don't even know how I got myself into this. I stumbled upon The *Click* Shop some odd weeks ago and I was instantly attracted to the colourful little cameras and whatnot. And, yeah, I'll admit it, even earlier before I had expressed my negative opinions in regards to polaroids and lomography, but after delving further into the subject and learning more about its ways and 10 nonsensical rules, I felt game to try.

Of course, Esmond will probably never allow me to forget just how pointless I thought it all to be when we were first discussing all of this XD. Anyway, we got directions to the shop in PJ and with some divine intervention and luck we got ourselves at the doorstep by 11 on a sunny Saturday morning =D. After much deliberating and wishful thinking (plus a short trip to the nearby CIMB bank for the ATM), we made our purchases and made ourselves pretty much broke.

You see, that's why it's great to have a buddy with you at all times. You drool over things together, choose and pay for stuff together, get broke together. One of those blissful things in life that only much friendship and love can provide.

Anyway, the Diana F+ is a fun little plastic camera with odd little knobs and switches. Not something overtly complicated neither is it something that requires no brain cells to operate. I have yet to develop the roll of film within it, but believe you me it is a mixed bag of feelings on what I expect the end results to be. Partly because it's my first time using a toy lomo camera such as the Diana and partly because I loaded a 220mm film into it instead of the needed 120mm (25 bucks for that-expensive first mistake which I pray will reap *some* satisfactory results so that I wouldn't feel too much of a heartache =P

Oddly though, when I first held the box I was wondering why it was a lot heavier than I expected it to be, what with the camera being made entirely of plastic. It was only when I unpacked the little dood that I realized it came with a BOOK.

Only God knows just how much I love books XD.

The *Click* Shop had a few of the same books on display in-shop and I was wondering where to get it. Didn't realize how soon I could own it 8D. Haven't quite looked at it, really. But from the cover I believe it to be some sort of collection of short stories and photography using the Diana camera. It's a beautiful little cloth-bound hardcover with colour and black and white pictures inside. I think it's worth more than the camera itself, lol.

Hm, so this begins a new photo-taking experience for me? XD. Here's hoping I have fun and somehow improve my photography $k!lLz without burning a crater into my wallet =P.

Yeah, I really do want to know when I started spelling $k!lLz that way.