love is NOT dead ;____;

T^T yes you know why I'm here again.

OMG How could I have missed the update. Talk about super slow. Joanne you effing retard ;__;.

Yes, I just found out that D'espairsray disbanded. HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN?! Hizumi-san, I shall pray for your speedy recovery. The world of Jrock needs you and d'espa's awesomeness, please don't leave!!! T___T.

Listening to the Monsters album, I realized just how hard he must've pushed himself despite the pain he must be going through. Oh how artists suffer for their art, how much we love them for it. Why must they be punished for bringing so much good to the world of Jrock *sobs*.
Omg, I remember when I first listened to their Redeemer album. Didn't quite hit it for me at first, but I think that they're the only band that got a revisit, didn't they? Besides Gackt who had multiple revisits...pointless digression. But post-Gackt, I actually listened to d'espa's songs a lot more. I remember all those bus rides to campus and malls during first sem when I was pretty much in loner mode and I had their tracks playing on repeat. And the MV for Redeemer will forever be one of my favourites. And TSUKASAAAAAA!!!!! The only drummer I bothered fangirling about! T_T.
Awesomeness will live forevermore, Immortal-ized in their albums. They were Tricksters, Human-clad Monsters of rock-goodness. I don't think any of their fans will believe that this is their Final Call. They won't be Lost in Re:birth, they won't take part in the Devil's Parade, this is not their Death Point. I think all the fans are united in prayers and hoping that Hizumi recovers completely, so that they will continue to be infinitely Brilliant, moving right on to the Horizon.

Yeah, it happens all the time, doesn't it? You'll never quite appreciate a good thing till it's gone. Only when you've realized it's dead, only then will the memories of the glory surge upon you in one fell, heart-breaking swoop.

No, Love Is not Dead.