Happy Marker News!!!

I just found out that Copic now has an online community named Copic Color! Yayness! It feels awesome to be able to be part of a marker-enthusiastic community and to be able to share the Copic goodness =).

In the website you can share your Copic creations with other Copic enthusiasts. One of the awesome things about the site is that you can actually set down the Copic colours you used as your artwork palette. Besides getting a whole load of news updates and promotions of the Copic world, you can also get tips and techniques in improving your Copic $k!lLz =D.

It's odd to think that despite being manufactured and created by Japan, Copic markers are more popular and engaging to the public in the US. Unfortunately it's harder to find a community here in S.E Asia, what more to say Malaysia. It's that or I'm not bothered to search hard enough.

Anyways, it's things like these that make me hype up to keep using Copic markers =D. Better start brewing up some fresh ideas (and actually execute them!) before my markers dry up, lol.