Omg omg omg Copic Colour has this awesome feature that allows you to show which markers you have and which you want O___O.

I'm so loving this site, lol. It's Copic-licious in all the right ways XD.

Anyone actually had hands on experience at the rally today? Esmond and I were giving in to some imagining about how it'd have really good photography and journalling opportunities. As long as we don't get hit on the head by a tear gas canister or take a water cannon blast in the face of the Canons, lol. Get it get it? XD.

Owhkay, fine, lame joke =___=. Moving on.

I bet the souls of our nation's previous leaders are greviously at un-rest right now. Seeing at how atrociously disgusting the authorities are behaving. I thought it was a citizen's right to rally and demand for their needs and wants? So much for being all about the rakyat and shyt. Back then when our forefathers were striving for Independence they rallied and discussed and demonstrated- you don't see them firing up the tear gas and water cannons. Or maybe twas because they didn't have that kind of stuff back then. Haha.

Speaking seriously though, what is it all about when the younger generation are taught in History classes all their high school lives about how our Independence was won through peaceful discussion and diplomatic reasoning- and that we should all be taking a leaf out of our past leaders' books? If you're going to drill that into the heads of the students, then the least those a-holes up there could do is actually practice what they're throwing out there to preach. For some old farts with more money than they actually deserve, they sure act like a bunch of kids fresh out of juvenile prison.

Yeah, expect the ISA to cart me off soon enough.

Anyways, I'm going to put this shyt aside for now and try to do something more worth my while. Like. Playing with my markers and zoning out. Lol. Farewell.