SMASHing Good Idea!

Stumbled upon this pretty awesome ad-vid of SMASH, and scrapbook-cum-journal-cum-sketchbook! I've always liked sketching and sticking and journalling, but SMASH apparently brings all three together and makes it all so much easier and fun :).

The glue stick/pen combo is incredibly interesting! I would love to have a few of those pens myself. I like how everything is just thrown in anyhow, and I think we could all come up with our own personalized idea books as presented here. It'd be more fun to collect our own favourite tapes and stickers and notepads to further personalize our books. 

Interesting video! I'll definitely keep this in mind for a holiday project. I haven't been journalling at all now since I've got this blog, but watching this has inspired me to do something traditional all over again :D.