Live By The Creed

It's almost the middle of November, and I'm lost in the clouds. Self Motivation sat with me and worked so hard to stay by me whenever I needed him. He kept me working late nights, he woke me up before my alarm rang every morning. He kept me bright and cheery day after day. When I was down, he kindly invited his sibling Inspiration over and we three had so much fun I always felt better afterwards.

He kept at me all through the semester, but now I believe he has flown out of the window. 
Self Motivation is probably the only thing that keeps me alive, lol. Besides a few others, like Purpose Driven and Hope and Sleep (wait, how did he get into the picture), but Self Motivation is certainly the most important figure. Though right now quite a lot of it has been used up and I'm not quite sure how to replenish him.

On a plus side, Assassin's Creed 3 is coming out for PC in 5 days. Amongst other things. Like my final Advertising presentation and the final day for submitting some ideas and the second day of another busy busy week. It's almost as if all these activities are swarming about in red coats and tricornes and muskets and I'm the lone hooded fella armed to the teeth.

I'll go a-swinging and a-swishing...

And the cannons will explode at my dramatic finish.

We all have a creed we live by. Maybe not a Bible-full of rules and regulations; a simple phrase or saying could probably suffice to help some of us along our way. But I'm sure we all have some belief that sticks to us, something that makes us move on whether we know it or not. What's yours? I think one of mine would be best explained in a simple, neat sentence:

"Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time"

the receiving end
It's Friday tomorrow and another weekend to be productive! Have a good one everybody :D.