A Paper Flour Fairytale

Hello hello! It's Friday and the lovely maftermoom is draped with a misty curtain of rain.

(Maftermoom: the time between 10.50-11.59, when it doesn't feel like morning, neither does it feel like lunchtime yet)

Because the last post looked a tad bit out of place in this pastel-hued blog, I would like to share something very pretty today! Emilie Guelpa is a French art director and culinary artist. Her blog Griottes (cherries! ^^) is a tasty feast of lovely travel photos and gorgeous crafts. Most posts are in French, but Google Translate does a fairly apt job of translating, but the photos also tend to speak for themselves :) .

In one of her posts in September, she shows off her latest projects, collaborating with a fellow creative to create beautiful collages. What is most interesting is that it is a combination of baked goods and paper crafts! The whole project revolves around fairy tales of the old, and each collage looks utterly divine.

All photo credits to Griottes

It's amazing how the simplest of ideas and give the most wondrous results. I love how well the detailed paper crafts match perfectly with the little meringues and biscuits. At times you can't even be sure what's edible and what's not ;).

I particularly like the Moby Dick collage, with the adorable biscuit ship and swirl of piped icing for the wave. It gives the rest of the collage that extra pop and twist to it.

Visit Griottes for more close-up shots and other wonderfully inspiring projects! TGIF everyone! :D