Revenge is Everything

To all who have not played this game, fear not, there are no spoilers in here. Just generalities you will probably find elsewhere.

Anyway, I don't quite agree on the whole 'Revenge is Everything' motto of the game, but as I progressed through the game I thought, hell, with a life like this anyone would go rambo on revenge. Lol. And, yes. I've played Dishonored! I really only played it because I wanted to see if my tortured, overly-exploited slave of a laptop could withstand the game. It could have probably been a lot prettier, but I'm not a fussy gamer. I've completed games on full-speed lag. What I saw on my screen for Dishonored was considered pretty darn good. Of course, veterans and purists would scream 'hoshit you're killing the game what are you doing stahp look at it staaahp', but if you don't like it, go max out your settings on your badass machines while I totter happily away at mine. Not that there was any lag, but, you get what I mean.

So, Dishonored is basically a game where you play as Corvo Attano, man with greasy hair that you don't really see through most of the game because you're far too busy being him. You've just been framed for murdering the Empress and kidnapping the heir of a rat-plagued, corrupt-filled city, the world is against you, and you are armed with some swanky weapons and mystical powers given to you by some random floating man that just wants to watch the world burn. 

And, as casually as I'd summarized the whole game, it was good gameplay. I've only ever played Skyrim for five minutes. But in that five minutes I hacked at a few guards and ate things and collected things that were not mine. The awesome news is that I could do all that in Dishonored as well, with the even bigger plus that I could go all stealth and climb shyt, like in Assassin's Creed. And I could see through walls, which was like Splinter Cell. If ever you had a wish that you could have the best of all the games mentioned above and you haven't played Dishonored, well, hallelujah :D.

It was a gloriously dark game, with so much things to do, so many people to kill, and (apparently) so many different paths to choose from. I believe I took the 'Revenge is Everything' motto a twee bit too seriously, because I chose the darkest of everything, and even opted for a 'if it ain't still, I kill' mindset. The result was dark lashing rain and gloomy skies and everything else to make the already emo game a whole lot rattier (pun wholely intended). I shall play the game again, and when I do I will probably do something more Buddha-zen. Lol.

The game was mostly dark, eerie, and, if you have a tendency to maneuver awkwardly like I do (and waltz into rooms without checking them out beforehand), you're probably going to have minor heart attacks every once in awhile. The atmosphere certainly has a way of drawing you into the whole world, and when you leave it you still have an unsettled, haunting feeling about you. Or maybe it's just me and I'm too darn emotional.  
I am not ashamed to say that I played the game on Easy mode. Because there is a first for everything and Dishonored is actually the first first-person game I've ever completed and enjoyed. The hours spent playing Minecraft has done wonders to my nausea-tolerance and motion-sickness! :D. 

Overall. the game was awesome, I enjoyed it, and I'm glad I wasn't *too* distracted with it (despite me playing it during the peak of my busy-ness). And it certainly answered my question: my exploited house-elf of a laptop will not entirely fuck up the game so that I will take revenge on all the world.

Assassin's Creed 3, I'm coming for thee.