100 Acre Bills

Poketo collaborated with five different artists to come up with five designs for their latest wallet collection. The theme? Winnie The Pooh!

I'm not actually a fan of Winnie The Pooh. I only ever read one book about the little honey coloured bear and his imaginary human friend...oh, sorry? Christopher Robin is the real boy with an imaginary honey coloured bear friend? My bad. Fan or not, I would buy all the wallets just because they are all so eye-catching and pretty!

 The designs are lovely, though. It's interesting to see how one theme can be explored in such different ways by artists. Vintage, pixel, and one that is rainbow-gummy-bear inspired, there seems to be one wallet for every kind of fan. And at the same time each artist managed to capture the childish, imaginary world of stories in his or her own way.

These two are my favourite designs. The first one is so bright and cheerful, almost as if it popped right out of a chidren's storybook. The other makes use of the colour palette of autumn leaves, incorporating it into shapes and textures to give and overall sensation of floating in a warm, woodsy sea of leaves :D.

What's your favourite childhood story? I think the Wind In The Willows has to be one of my favourites; I'd be incredibly excited if I could see the Mole and Rat and Badger and Toad gambolling over green meadows and sandy banks of wallets. I think Alice In Wonderland is nice, though just a tad bit overdone. What kind of storybook character would you like on your wallet?

The week is just beginning, but sooner than you think it'll be at an end. That is probably the case with most things in life. But let's hope our childhood innocence and carefreeness stay with us for a long while yet :) .