Meant For Each Other

A few months ago, Esmond and I helped a good buddy out by being 'actors' to a short video clip assignment of his. It was a pretty interesting experience! I must say, it felt a bit odd at first, especially when we hit the day off with an argument scene and Esmond and I were far from angry. You can (and will) notice scenes of us with twitching lips, as if we were going to burst out laughing in the next frame.

The day of the shoot was very nice weather, with a bit of cool showers in the early afternoon and clear evening. There wasn't much of a sunset, though, which was a shame because Shakir (the good buddy, producer, primary cameraman and director) was hoping for brilliant back-lighting. 
Despite all the little hiccups, I think it was enjoyable and the video came out fab! Check it out, and try not to squirm at all the cutesy 'romantic' scenes. I know I did ;) .

Check out the rest of Shakir's videos! He is a man of varied talents, and his animations and timelapse video is particularly interesting! Have a happy Saturday everybody!