Utada Hikaru- This Is The One

Album cover's shitty, but rest assured the tracks are awesome

Minutes later, I'm back with another not-so-random album. Hikki-chan's back with her new English studio album, This Is The One. Here's another interesting fact about Joanne- I don't like English songs. Don't ask me why. I don't know myself. Perhaps if I did some deep psychological reflection I'd find the answer, but as I don't intend to do so anytime soon, we'll just accept the fact that I don't listen to English songs and that I should be the last person to be approached and questioned about the latest music topping the US/UK/Europe Billboard charts.

Haha, moving on back to the album. It's nice! Yes, it's nice! R&B lovers, this should be your thing. It's smooth, beaty, and there's the interesting Utada twist to the tracks to make them very distinguishable and unique. The lyrics are slightly odd, but the English's perfect, and Utada's soulful, silky voice really works. Like Apple and Cinnamon. Haha. That's one of the tracks you should really listen to. I love it lots. I'm actually still listening to the album, and am currently on track 7- Dirty Desire (kinky title! XD). But anyways, if you're bored and like R&B and can't think of anything to download, download this! But of course, go download d'espairsray's albums and convert yourself into a goth-rock fan first. Haha, yes, I'm still addicted to d'espairsray. Trickster's awesome! XD. Okay, this post is suppose to be about Hikki-chan, not them rock band. Lol. But anyway, I'm done now. Whee.