Cheer if I'm right, slap me if I'm wrong XD. Left to right: Karyu(g), Zero(b), Tsukasa(d), and Hizumi(v)

Yeah, I've digested REDEEMER, and I like it so much I have to revisit my review and burble all about it again XD. Seriously, rock fans out there, go download this album while you're still breathing. Man, I must say, I really underestimated this band. Haha. They have a pretty awesome style, really. Can't compare it to other bands like Gazette or Nightmare, simply because they're incomparable. Though KAMIKAZE sort-of reminds me of Alice Nine's White Prayer, overall, their songs are impressive. The electric guitar's spiffeh. Really! And the songs have really catchy beats. Rock-y, gotchic-ky, and just plain cool. Haha. Kohaku's still my fav, but REDEEMER comes a close second. The latter's music video is definitely NOT to be missed. It's eerie, haunting, and just flipping awesome. I have not come across such an enjoyable video in quite a while. Of course, you must not count Gackt's vids. Haha. That's just...way up high on the list. He's not even ON the list-he's too great for it. Lol. Okay, stop getting sidetracked, Joanne XD. Anyway, yes, long story short, I'm now a happy fan of d'espairsray! Yay! *claps*

And, haha, let's choose favourite band members now, shall we? Guess who's mine. Hint: he gets far too little screen time-AND is the most normal-looking of the bunch. Yes, I'm odd that way. From all these really crazily dressed band members, I'm always attracted to the most normal one. I suppose in this era where everyone wants to be different from everyone else, the plain normal, and boring stand out far more. Hahaha. Done guessing? Highlight bottom for answer! XD.

Tsukasa! Yes, in love with a drummer for once. Lol!