[Random!!!] is back!

With a brand new rap. Lol.

Here's a little known fact about me that most of you (at least, those who have only just recently realised I exist- the recent being probably 2/3 years ago or something) probably don't know. I used to write a lot more than I drew. It comes in phases, actually. Back in primary (and beginning of secondary), I wrote like mad, then went on a pretty-much-4-year hiatus. In that space of time I was honing my aR+ sk!lLz till I reached a point where I was not too embarassed to show others my art. Now, well, yes I've not drawn anything significant in a while, but my passion for writing has been revived- the new arrangement of words penned down into a pretty little red book that is in need of wrapping ASAP (Seme-chan, you're needed! Urgently! XD). Haha. Yes, there we go. And now since we're on this topic, let me just tell you more about my past as a wannabe-authoress. Lol.

It started a long long long long time ago, when I was still in kindergarten. I wrote this story about a polar bear, then another one about one of my pet dogs. My mum still has a copy of both tucked away in one of her super old files. The polar bear story was supposedly my very first manuscript, and is filled with lot of spelling and grammar errors. And the alphabets were all wonky and sloping up and down. What do you expect? I was just a little kid. You wouldn't be able to do any better. Lol. Kidding. Anyway, I've revisited that story and you can read it over at my other blog. It's marginally better, without much spell/grammar errors, and is in a readable font.

Later on I started writing little stories into this really pretty book. I was in primary 2 then. I still have the book with me!!! XD. It's a really pretty floral hardcover with (used to be) perfumed blue, pink and green pages. The pages are detacheable but most of them have been taped down, though it's still coming apart. The first story was written on...OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD!!!! IT'S ON THE SAME DAY I CAME OUT OF MY 4-YEAR-LONG HIATUS!! AWESOMEEEEEE!!!!!! XD XD XD XD XD. Holy crap what an awesome coincidence! Or is this what one would call fate? Hahaha. The first story is called The Friendly Horse and The Ghost, written on April 5th, 1999. The other stories go about in the same fashion, some of them very Enid Blyton inspired. Most of the characters are talking animals/insects, fairies, and unicorns, because I used to be really obsessed with unicorns. I remember it was unicorns, then dolphins, then horses, then....uhm, Gackt?


Moving on...sometime later when that book came to the end of its pages, I started writing in another book, and the first story in it was entitled The Clown of The Rainforest. It's about a toucan (it's a bird that lives in the tropical rainforest. It has a really large colorful bill. Yes.). The rest of the stories were about this fictional group of anthros with animal heads and human bodies. Hahahaha. They were actually my soft toys/plushies in real life, but I gave them characters and put them into a club named Club House Doddy. Don't laugh. I was young. I didn't know any better. Anyway, this CHD craze went on for quite a long while, and they had quite a lot of really wacky adventures, many of them which I never completed. That's a problem I still face. If I get into something, I'll stick to it for ages, until the idea dries up and/or I find something else more interesting. Haha. And then...after countless of stories, both finished and unfinished (I remember one that was completed entitled Lost Horses. Another was The Clue in The Horseshoe Charm- which was probably the last story I wrote with the CHD in it before I moved to the next transition), I went on to the more widely known book of really insane happenings...[Random!!!]

Right. [Random!!!]. What have I to say about it? I was definitely influenced by Totally Spies, then Weiss Kreuz. The things television teach you =D. Anyway, [Random!!!]'s a crazy crazy story about this group of -human- assassins. It's plotless, full of flaws, the earlier books have oodles of errors, and yet it spawned 3 whole books and reaped many enthusiastic fans XD. Not being big headed, but yeah. I guess young kids just love crap. Haha. I remember we used to have group discussions about the plot and stuff, and that was a laugh. Anyway, yes, that spawned 3 books, with 12 chapters in each, and the ending was unsuspectedly twisted. It had mixed reviews, to say the least XD XD XD. And following that was my 4-year-long hiatus, and now, after long last, I am BACK! *pops balloons and throws confetti*. Yes, I am now picking up that pen of mine once more, and the new story's pretty much as insane and random as I can get for now. The concept for the story's inspired by the book 1001 Arabian Nights, where it's all story within a story within a story. I intend to make it as twisted and random as possible, with little planning. Just go right on spontaneaously. I suppose I work best that way XD. And the first part of it, ironically, begins with a fairy story about a unicorn! XD. Fate is indeed as twisted as I am. Haha. So, yes! Let's all drink to the health of the new story! It's following in the footsteps of the great 1001 Arabian Nights...so should it be named....1001 [Random!!!]ian Nights? HAHAHAHA. Okay, I'll keep that thought. Lol.

...So now you know a twee bit more about the Joanne you thought you knew all about. Haha. No, not really. I deliberately left out that -little- part about me collaborating with many other great writers to pen down the holiest of stories, written in an extremely tattered exercise book. Yes, I mean THE BOOK. Bwahahahahahahaha. You shall never know about it. Never. NEVAAAAA!!! *cackle*

I'll leave you to wonder. *bounces off*