Okay, here I go again downloading random albums for the heck of it. And the latest one happens to be the infamous Dir en Grey with their latest album, Uroboros. The name of the album comes from a mythical symbol of the same name (but different spelling, can't remember how that goes) depicting a dragon/serpent biting its own tail and forming a circle. Symbolises reincarnation and things going round and round, I guess. Haha. I'm emoing too much to make sense, so live with it. Anyhow, I was apparently psychotically deluded into thinking that Dir en Grey was just another one of those visual-kei bands. Hah. Sadly misled much. Turned out they are this heavy-metal screamo band with a vocalist that sounds possessed half the time. Not that I'm dissing the band or anything, because honestly the music is super amazing. The electric guitars are ever-cool, and there is a really interesting fusion of exotic instuments like the sitar and mandolin throughout the album so that the overall result is this really cool traditional, almost Indian-infused music. And Mr. Vocalist is honestly not bad at all. From a screamo, Korn point of view. He can definitely come up with a whole load of interesting vocals; growls, screams, pretty much anything. And his natural singing voice ain't that bad either. I haven't completely digested the entire album but I do like the tracks Vinushka and Glass Skin. Sadly, like most Japanese bands, Dir en Grey's English songs are pretty indecipherable, but then again since most of the words are coming out in squeals and screams and demonic voices I don't suppose it matters much. Overall review, I'd say that the album's pretty good, though definitely not for the faint-hearted, pinky bubbly J-pop fans.

Moving on to my life. Lots of things have happened, but I don't feel like crapping now. As I've said, I'm emoing. For what, I'm not sure. Death, probably. Not my own. Others. Loved ones. People that are far too close to me for me to want to give them up now. How ironic can this be? One second I'm typing out a review for some album about reincarnation and shit and the very next second I'm ranting about death. But, yeah. Life's full of ironies, so what the heck. But seriously. Ouch. I suppose the emoness is coming from the vibes of others. Too much empathy? It just sucks. Dangit. Okay, yes, I think I've more or less come to face the truth that things will never be 100% like the last time, but. We've built it up for so long. We did everything possible, overcame almost every single damn thing God threw into our faces. So why the heck are things going downhill again? I don't want to go back to the start, because I know that if I do, things will definitely be worse off. Or worser still, we fastforward straight to the end. Who wants death to come anyway? But the feeling's like a hand around your heart, squeezing it harder and harder so that it hurts to breathe. Is that how it feels, I wonder? If I could take the pain on behalf I would. I'd do anything.

...Ok. Enough emoness for one night.