Cosplay/Artjam outing!

...Okay, I'm honestly feeling too crapped up to actually fake being happy. I'm not happy. Nope, not at all. Okay, I WAS happy. But obviously, that's past tense. So I'll move on to the cosplay/artjam outing I went to yesterday.

...I'll have you know, I put my name down for the SFI campfire actually, then removed my name from the list. AND I HAVE NO REGRETS. NONE AT ALL. I THANK GOD I DID. CAUSE THE OUTING WAS FLIPPING AWESOME! (sorry seme-chan, didn't mean to make it sound as if I was boycotting the campfire) But seriously, it was uber-fun. Sure, I didn't cosplay, I got handcuffed, I was extremely inferior when it came to the artjam, I was one of the youngest in the group, I got stabbed in the elbow by a sharp pointy thing on Kuro's bracelet, but heck. It was just one hell of a day. Allow me to continue with pictures, then a narrative. Woohoo.

So first up...I went to McDonalds' in Dataran to meet up with the rest. Came earlier so Kay Ai, Eugene, and I had time to kill, so went to Daiso with seme-chan...

Eugene as butler-cum-waiter-cum-bodyguard and Kay Ai as an aristocratic-punk-something.

Eugene doing what he does best.

Then Kay Ai, Eugene and I went off to meet up with the rest of the cosplayers/artjammers at the centre court. Place was flooded with blue Celcom-cosplayers. Hahaha. My attempt at a lame joke.

Met lots of old faces and lots more new ones. And it was kinda weird that most of us don't know one another, but we still managed to have a great time.

Kay Ai, Mieko (has pretty red contacts) and Eugene.

Kay Li with her marshamallow that surprisingly turned out white in the photo but is actually quite dirty in real life.

Fang and Wendy. Girls from my school that I only see during cosplay outings. Never in school. I wonder why.

Sexy as Kaname from VK. He asked me to call him Sexy. Haha.

And amazingly enough, I remembered everyone's name today. Yes, I'm damn proud. I already warned them I couldn't remember names with more that 2 syllables so they gladly gave me easy names to remember. Like Sexy. And Kuro. And Duck. Lol.

Right, after much faffing about and getting to know one another, we went on our merry way to food court in MP for lunch and artjam. Most of us ate chicken rice. Haha. Okay, useless information. Lots of other people came along to join us at the food court, so the group grew bigger and bigger.

And here we see some mild fanservice involving Sexy and Kang. Oh yeap, Kang looks happy alright.

Dollfies. I can't remember the names of the two bigger ones (I only know the black-haired one's the seme and the silver-haired one's the uke) but the one in the bunny suit is Ivory.

Everyone hard at work drawing on a really big sheet of paper.

One side's all black and the other side's Color Land. Quite a few skirmishes over which is better- color or black and white.

My shitty part of the paper- complete with markers and the handcuffs I got myself involved with.

Evil Ronald Macdonalds

And later on into the drawing spree, Kuro gave me a tutorial on how to draw the uber-special super magical Diki-tan! Yeah, first time ever drawing a penis. Glad to have been given some help. Haha.

He sprays purple cum because I shaded the droplets too yellow at first so it looked like urine.

My spot after a while.

After everyone had a good laugh over Diki-tan (now in technicolor!), we played Truth or Dare. Bwahaha.
Kay Ai attempting to climb up bouncy castle.

Duck taking his shirt off.

Yoshiki glomping Kuro

There were lots of other super-crazy dares (Mieko and Snow kissing, Kuro humping Edo, Kay Ai going up to drinks counter and asking for a 'Diki-tan') but I wasn't given to chance to take photos of em.
An hour or so later we rounded up and ended the artjam. Then Kay Ai, Eugene and I went off home. But not before taking pictures with the evil Ronald in his lair.


...And I'm finally done blogging about the outing. Haha. Yeah, it was flipping awesome. Good memories for the first ever artjam I ever attended. Hope to be able to go for more in the future.

I sound so lukewarm. Haha.