Hello everyone :3

I don't know why, but for the past few days my eyes get really tired at around 9.30/10.00pm. Must be from all the crazy going-ons in school....or perhaps simply just the fact that I wasted plenty of hours playing DMC 4 :D.

Yes, my sister's back. But the week's over and done with, and so we'll be taking her back to the mountains (I'm not kidding, her college is seriously back in the beyond @.@) on Sunday or something. Monday's a public holiday! Yay! So much has happened in this week, but my eyes are playing up again so I'm not sure how long I'll last XD.

Well now, I did quite a bit of really retarded things, like sharing with a couple of friends to buy this slice of Secret Recipe cake for my friend's birthday...only to realise that the other friend in charge did not put said cake in fridge, resulting in the fall of the cake. It was a melted, gooey lump of deliciousness. Pretty much a waste of Chocolota Indulgence, but the birthday girl enjoyed it nevertheless XD. Then there was this minor skirmish I got myself into with the school counselors. Haha, yeah, I've nothing better to do :D. Oh oh, and I also misused my power as ELS president by playing Alice Nine's Kiss Twice Kiss Me Deadly song over the school PA system during the song-dedication program. It was anything DRASTIC, I just handed the CD over and took hold of the mic for 30 seconds. SOME teachers weren't happy apparently, including my Accounts teacher. Lol. Like it even had anything to do with her XD. I'm guessing she was jealous I never dedicated a song to her...haha.

Anyways, uhm. Gah, go me and my awesome summarising skills. Haha. Let me just give you a list of friends I have in my class so that no one shall be confused now and in my future posts XD.

I usually hang round with 5 people from my class:
1. Ain- girl who sits beside me in class aka the birthday girl from aforementioned cake incident XD. She's president of the Netball Club and she's really crazy.
2. Farha- really cute girl who comes up with really funny expressions. As of late we've been beginning and ending our sentences to one another with 'kawan' XD.
3. Shamimi- 'Sha-chan'! XD XD XD She sits diagonally in front of me, is class monitor, a smartass, and is really weird in many ways XD. She's the one who introduced me to Alice Nine. And the first picture I ever saw of Tora came from the depths of her file. Haha.
4. Teo- This extremely EXTREMELY weird person that goes round being stupid. Then again, when she's serious she scares my pants off XD XD.
5. Qi Yen- Pervert. That's about all I can say about her. There's bound to be one of her kind in every circle of friends XD.

Alright, short introduction over, I can now proceed to the rest of my crappings. So, there is/was? (it was earlier today @@) a netball match today and there was supposed to be some sort of mini-sales going on as well, so Ain made me draw calculator-thingies to be sold. I made 30...wonder how many she managed to sell @@. Oh lovely. There I go summarising again. Man, am I pure shit or what? XD

I don't think I've anything else to say. So...off I go? XD Oh wait, I DO have news...but let's just save that for later, eh? So that I'll have something to say next time- and so you'll return to my blog. Lol. Off I go! :D