Hello again everybody. Yes, I strike yet again with another one of them randomly downloaded albums. Here we gave J-rock band D'espairsRay, which I first thought to be one of the hardcore visual-kei bands. And, it has proven me that I have been misled yet again. Well, they're more hardcore rock, with screamo vocals as well, though dir en grey certainly reigns supreme when it comes to screamo rock music. Haha. D'espairsRay's REDEEMER album is a cross between Alice Nine and dir en grey, as far as I can make it. They have pretty impressive electric guitars and beats. Nothing to say for the Japlish, but I'm finally attempting to grow accustomed to J-rockers and they're odd tendencies to sing in a language they are far from proficient in. Anyway, yes, there are some pretty nice beats in the album. So far the only song that actually caught my attention is Kohaku, but the rest are along the same lines. So, yes. Woohoo!

Rather short post, but I'll leave it as that as I've pretty much nothing else to talk about. Will be back with more news later~