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Because I foresee this to be a long, detailed ramble, there will be the possibility of two or more posts on the same topic in succession. Feel free to walk away now, or grab some popcorn and a coke.

That being said, the announcement is this:

I am getting married. 

I got a new phone! And I'm sorry for giving you a mini heart attack. It was wholly intended, lol. 
Okay, so I got the Lumia 710 a good three weeks ago, but I put off blogging my joy out because I was too busy making sure I learnt all of its little functions and tested close to everything.

Readers will probably know that my previous phone  is (was? is? Oh grammar) a SE W508, swanked up to perfection. Or as close as it could get. I realize I only had it for over two years, and no doubt it served me very well. It braved many a fall, a thwack, and suffered greatly. It's had trouble charging and lately it was slower than a dead snail, so I knew it needed a rest...and a successor.

So far I am very very happy with this! :D. It has everything I really need in one pretty bundle, and even things I didn't know I'd need. The interface is beautiful, swiping through is super fast and touch-sensitive; I don't know, there's so much in here that just works for me. Right now I am using it mostly for communicating, entertainment, and organizer for my daily doings. I was surprised that most of the stuff that came in it is really good enough to get things going; no need for additional apps. Of course, I did get one or two (plus a lot of silly games!! XD) 

One of the biggest downsides is the battery, though I am told most smartphones live for a little over a day before it demands a charge, certainly less when you've been using a lot of apps. Windows Marketplace is a bit limited in apps, though most of the popular sites and games have apps. Not only that, there is only a non-expandable 8GB internal memory, which I think will be a bit of a problem in later years. But other than that, I feel a completely satisfied customer.

As you can see, I also got coloured cases to jazz up my phone. It's a bit hard to find casings for Lumias, as the market is very few and far between. However, these covers come in lovely solid colours of turquoise and coral- how lucky am I? =D. I also got an extra white case, for when the time comes for my phone to don some more colourful clothes ;D.

I meant to blog about some of the apps I have in the phone, but I'll make a separate post on that. Have a happy Sunday everybody! =D.