That's Gackt by the way.
Just thought you should know.

Everyone knows I'm a bad influence.

Who knew I'd end up influencing my own mother.

It all started two nights ago, when I was eating at a table. My morsel plopped out of the plate and I accidentally said 'fuck' a bit too loud. Loud enough for my mother to hear it anyway.
She didn't start screaming though. I guess she's more used to me than I thought she was. Anyway, I still feel bad about it, cause the table happened to be in front of the altar.

Next morning, my dad and sis went off for tai chi while I killed myself trying to do the mid year history paper. Back home during lunch, dad and sis started telling mum and me about their adventures. About my sister standing behind a certain old woman who farted while doing tai chi. Family members start discussing the fate of said farting old woman should I have been the one standing behind her.

Next thing you know:

MUM: Haiyo, Joanne will start shouting " WHAT THE HELL! WHAT THE FUCK MAANNNN!!!"

DAD, SISTER, JOANNE: O______________O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Guess who got the blame for my mum's sudden swearing-for-no-reason-whatsoever.


Listened to Ayumi's latest album, NEXT LEVEL. It's pretty! The album cover. Then again, Ayu-chan's always pretty so there's no surprise. But why would anyone wear fake fingernails on gloves I have no idea @.@. So, yes, the album's pretty nice. I like it much better than her previous albums, Secret and GUILTY. The songs in this album's very dance-techno, with some more-rockish songs like Rule. The song Next Level is nice as well. Though her video clips are getting more and more un-original. Haha. The Sparkle video had her in a very Britney-Oops-I-Did-It-Again red catsuit, and the Curtain Call vid had the Christina-Aguilera-walking-towards-the-camera thing going on. What is the world coming to? Mum's getting influenced by bad company, a J-Pop queen's influenced by American stars, another J-Rocker is turning into a girl.

....I guess, J-Music and my mother are simply moving on to the [NEXT LEVEL].