I wouldn't want to be touched by those hands. Haha.

Was watching Kagrra mvs on Youtube two days ago when I saw Acid Black Cherry's mv in the related list. Clicked on it for the heck of it. Downloaded the album the morning after.

Okay, so Acid Black Cherry's a solo project by the vocalist of Jrock band Janne da Arc...or something like that. BLACK LIST is not the latest album, but that doesn't matter because, dude, this album is flipping awesome. I haven't quite finished listening to it yet, but the songs are very rock. The electric guitars' love <3. The first song I heard was Black Cherry- and oh ma Akito. Another sex song! Doesn't quite beat Gackt's Vanilla, but it's nearly just as catchy XD. The guitar in it is awesome. And you should go watch the mv as well. I was fooled into thinking he was really a trans, but when he tossed the wig into the camera...haha. That was really cool. Go watch it. Naow ^^. SPELL MAGIC is also a great track, but technically if you're a biggy Jrock fan you should go download this album. It'll quench your Jrock thirst. Haha. Wait. Download d'espairsray's albums first. They're better. Haha. I was watching some Slipknot video on MTV last night, and I nearly laughed. Perhaps it was one of their more watered down tracks, but if it ain't, then, they pale in comparison with d'espairsray. They'll turn white beside dir en grey. Haha. Alright, cue for Slipknot fans to throw frying pans at me now XD.

Done ranting for now. Life suddenly seems so empty. It's that or maybe it's because no one ever seems to use MSN anymore. Haha. Account's paper tomorrow. Woohoo! Wish me luck. I shall attempt to pass because my teacher promised a pressie to anyone who passes. Haha. Don't want to let her down. Though letting people down seems to be the only thing I'm good at XD XD XD. Whaat? I couldn't spell caffeinated! And I drink coffee close to every morning!!! XD XD. Not that that has anything to do with what I'm crapping about right now. Oh, remind me to post up the photos asap. I took far too little pictures. But that's just because so little people came to show their support. Oh well. AT LEAST THEY CAME! XD. Can't quite thank them enough. Haha.

Okay, off I go for now.